NFC Smart Stickers

Last week the Smart Poster team revealed a brand new range of Smart Stickers featuring NFC technology. The new product was rolled out at the Retail Business Technology Expo at London’s Earls Court in collaboration with Signbox-demonstrating new proximity marketing opportunities to the retail and leisure sector.

Smart Stickers are an all-new NFC proximity marketing application that is presenting business with a fresh and intuitive way to engage with smartphone users. Manufactured from durable polyester film, Smart Stickers can be attached to shop windows or doors for an eye-catching ‘call to action’ to engage consumers.

Now, business- big and small- including restaurants, estate agents and taxi companies are able to send tailored, relevant information to a smartphone handset in seconds. Smart Sticker can be custom printed with any image or graphic to match a business desired engagement experience.

It’s not only during business hours that Smart Stickers can engage consumers-a sticker’s NFC tag can be read by a smartphone through 8mm glass or acrylic-ultimately allowing business to connect with existing or potential customers 24-hours a day. Smartphone users can ‘tap’ their mobile phone to retrieve details of a property at estate agents, download a restaurant’s menu, call a taxi, or claim an incentive voucher relating to a window advertisement even when the business is closed.

An external IP 67 rated version of the Enlighten Smart Poster was also launched at the exhibition, which features an edge-to-edge glass face with no visible frame or fixing and a unique locking device for displays that demand security.

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A few examples from the brand new range of NFC Smart Stickers.