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NFC Smart Posters- a smart solution for smart brands

  • No phone initiation- just touch and tap
  • Improved customer experience- gain and retain high value customers
  • Increased revenues- value added service offerings
  • Informaion on time, anytime, all the time

Delivering seamless, on demand communication between smartphones and media content

Proximity Marketing using NFC tagged smart posters

non-intrusive marketing messages delivered to an audience that counts

Proximity marketing is designed to deliver instant marketing messages to audiences when and where they want to receive them and without the overwhelming barrage of text and email marketing messages that cause today’s consumers so much frustration.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has led to a dramatic rise in the demand for proximity marketing strategies that draw on a ‘pull’ as opposed to ‘push’ delivery of sales and marketing announcements. As the distinctive NFC logo becomes as instantly recognisable as the QR Code (Quick Response Code) matrix barcode on an interior or exterior NFC smart poster, smartphone owners are choosing to interact with organisations with a single swipe of their mobile device when it’s convenient and desirable to do so.

Innovations in smartphone technology mean that all makes and models will soon carry an NFC chip and, with it, the capability for savvy smartphone owners to communicate and connect with the forward thinking advertisers who target them with unobtrusive messaging that appeals and inspires.

The process is incredibly simple; users of NFC-enabled smartphones that recognise NFC tags in NFC smart posters simply need to hold their mobile phone close to an NFC tag or touchpoint, identified by the NFC logo, and the information displayed is downloaded directly to the smartphone and can be viewed on screen instantly.

Proximity marketing – a world of opportunity, revealing insights and increased ROI

For advertisers, the adoption of an effective proximity marketing strategy opens up a world of opportunity and revealing insights into the demographic, location and behaviour of this next-generation, NFC-enabled consumer.

Smartphone users who swipe and download marketing messages from an energy efficient NFC smart poster are providing advertisers with invaluable data that shows the date, time and location of the request, enabling marketing departments to tailor future instant information transfer campaigns around this demographic. The potential, therefore for a more lucrative return on investment (ROI) is also significantly increased, ensuring the rewards from personalised, non-invasive proximity marketing strategies can far outweigh those achieved via traditional marketing activities.

A truly successful proximity marketing strategy will be designed by advertisers and marketing departments to make the lives of today’s smartphone user more convenient, rewarding and inspired with contactless messaging that demands interaction. NFC smart posters offer ingenious opportunities for brands and retailers to drive sales and collaboration with their target audience and, with it, loyalty, increased footfall and a more profitable marketing message delivery than has ever been possible

Enlighten Me

Enlighten Me is the intelligence behind all our Enlighten NFC smart media. It’s a fully integrated platform that manages the information and messages transmitted via a QR code or NFC tag to smartphone users.

Enlighten Me delivers the capability to create and edit multiple campaigns simultaneously, whether it’s to provide product or service information, divert users to YouTube videos or boost Facebook likes the opportunities for communication really are limitless.

This platform incorporates powerful features to grow your business and turn any QR code or NFC tag into an incentive voucher campaign with coupons sent directly to a customer’s mobile or email to be redeemed and tracked at the point of sale.

The mobile landing page is even accessible offline, so if a user has no network coverage Enlighten Me will connect to their smartphone and send an engagement email once the connection has been restored.

Customers can engage with products and services away from the internet too: simply use Enlighten Me to build a customised, branded mobile landing page complete with logo, images, videos and a form to capture user details.

Partnering with Proxama to deliver your campaign

Our strategic service provider for Enlighten Me is Proxama, the leading provider of near field communications (NFC) mobile wallet and mobile marketing technology.

Proxama’s TapPoint™ platform is an online campaign and voucher management system which enables brands, retailers and agencies to create NFC marketing campaigns.

NFC marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes and TapPoint™ provides a way of creating the content for these campaigns and monitoring the results.

TapPoint™ offers:

• Built-in NFC voucher and loyalty platform
• Consistent experience across mobile devices
• Location assignment to tags, providing detailed analytics
• Campaign reporting developed in collaboration with leading media agencies
• Integration with 3rd party CMS and reporting engines

TapPoint™ can be used to deliver:

• Voucher collection and redemption
• Loyalty cards
• Video and audio downloads
• Product information (such as recipes, meal deals and price comparisons)
• Competitions and rewards
• Games
• App downloads
• Service information (such as timetables, opening and show times)

Full reporting & analytics

Proxama’s TapPoint™ reporting functionality provides valuable insight and analytics into the success of NFC voucher, loyalty and URL marketing campaigns. A rich set of standard reports are available online and if further details are needed, raw data and analytics can be exported into Excel.

Standard reports available online include:

• Campaign summary
• Total taps
• Total taps by geolocation
• Total unique consumers by campaign
• Campaign interactions by hour
• Handset manufacturer, model and platform

Reporting capabilities are not limited to a standard report as TapPoint™ can generate custom reports that prove your return on investment.

Up-to-the-minute engagement analytics in the form of a dashboard displaying real-time activity and customer information.

Google Wallet

The Google Wallet vision predicts a major shift in payment methods with the ditching of your traditional wallet or purse. The convenience of storing all your cards and vouchers in one place is unparalleled and Enlighten smart posters are key to this engagement.

A video put together by Adzag demonstrates how much easier life would be with a mobile wallet.



Potentially your most dynamic resource, your customers can ‘like’ your Facebook page and use it to spread the word about you on their news feeds with clever tagging and places that’ll help them check into your location so everyone knows where you are.



Your followers are truly vocal. Give them the news they need and the special offers they love and they’ll share them with the global Twitter community via a feed frenzy that could reach millions.



Twitter and Facebook post check-in updates on your customers’ feeds to help you interact in real time and monitor their movements so you can plan your campaigns accordingly.



Business is business. Keep your contacts close and your campaigns closer to the worldwide LinkedIn community who’ll share your news, discuss it in groups and keep everyone talking.



Tag discount vouchers to help your customers make the most of those deals. One swipe and a coupon will transmit the discount, the deal and the appeal with instant money-saving incentives!


payment methods

Make it easier for buyers to buy into your campaign with a digital eWallet that takes care of the transaction, quickly, discreetly, securely. No forms, no cards, no fuss.