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This website is operated by Signbox Ltd – UK leader in architectural signage and visual communications.

The transformation of static signs, posters and window stickers from inanimate displays into interactive NFC enabled media that communicate with NFC enabled smartphones is one of the biggest emerging trends in customer engagement. When a smartphone becomes a portable NFC reader it presents unrivalled opportunities for location-based consumer interaction and this has coined the new term ‘proximity marketing’.

And the adoption of NFC technology is rapidly gathering pace now that mobile manufacturers are driving the push for NFC. This progression is backed up by research predicting that the number of NFC-enabled mobile and consumer electronics devices shipped in 2014 will exceed 500 million.

Signbox has been at the vanguard of this NFC revolution with Enlighten, our eye-catching and energy efficient range of internal and external, back-lit NFC smartposters. This smartposter range is now complemented by the recent introduction of NFC signs and compact NFC enabled smartstickers.

We hope you find the website useful and please make contact with us to find out how you can fully exploit this new era of proximity marketing and with it the way that people interact with the brands and marketing messages that surround them.

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For further information about the Enlighten smart poster system, please email enquiries@signbox.co.uk or freephone 0800 970 1313.