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NFC smart posters- a smart solution for smart brands

  • No phone initiation- just touch and tap
  • Improved cutomer experience- gain and retain high value customers
  • Increased revenues- value added service offerings
  • Information on time , any time, all the time

NFC smart posters - seamless on demand communications

delivering seamless, on demand communication between smart phones and media content

We live and work in a generation that thrives on the impact of the visual and the power of the immediate; we want to see it, feel it, discover it and own it and we want it now! It’s little wonder the marketing community is embracing increasingly novel technologies in its quest to seduce its target audience with relevant, branded messages and inspire them to try, visit and buy.

Over the last decade high-tech messaging, such as digital signage with personalised content has made huge advances in terms of its popularity and accessibility, notably within corporate, retail and leisure environments. Its wayfinding, informative and communicative benefits are built on sophisticated technological platforms; the costs associated with such a medium are unsurprisingly prohibitive for many organisations seeking a more versatile, interactive and intuitive mode of engagement.

The smart poster is the next generation NFC display signage and marketing tool of choice. Highly cost-effective and easy to incorporate into a proximity marketing campaign, Near Field Communication (NFC) smart posters are exploiting the rapid take up of contactless technology, which allows users to leave their wallets at home and use their NFC enabled smartphone to pay for goods and services with a swipe over a receptor pad. The NFC smart poster is the next logical step in this pioneering strategy.

Intuitive NFC smart posters that offer pull, non-invasive messaging on demand

The concept is simple; a passive, unpowered NFC chip or ‘tag’ that holds all necessary data, including URLs, contact information, special offers and other messages, is embedded within the NFC smart poster and, when a smartphone user swipes an NFC enabled mobile device across the distinctive NFC logo, the data is downloaded in an information transfer that takes milliseconds.

The intuitive nature of the NFC smart poster is most significant because the interaction between the message and the target audience is so subtle; where e-marketing strategies rely on invasive, often unwelcome ‘push’ messaging, energy saving NFC smart posters offer a ‘pull’ approach that consumers can opt into on demand to retrieve the information they want from the touchpoints they find of interest.

As the take-up of energy efficient NFC smart poster technology continues to increase, the presence of eye-catching smart posters will become a familiar sight on high streets, in leisure, retail and corporate environments where consumers have the opportunity to take advantage of promotional offers, special events, tailored information and website links, instantly with a single swipe of a smartphone.

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