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Easy to maintain with a warranted life of 50,000 hours; available in A5 to A1; black mount, white mount or tailored to match your brand identity; illuminated or non illuminated; interior or weatherproof. Enlighten is the smartposter that adapts to your needs. 

Interior & exterior displays

illuminated or non-illuminated?

Enlighten is remarkably easy to maintain with a warranted life of 50,000 hours. 

It is available in standard A series paper sizes from A5 to A1, in both illuminated and non-illuminated displays.

A black or white mount is available as standard with branded or custom colour mounts available to order. 

The Enlighten smart poster system is perfect for interior displays and an external IP 67 rated version is currently in production to be launched shortly.

At just 20mm deep, Enlighten sits neatly, flush to the wall with no visible frame or fixings and can be suspended with a low voltage cable tension system.

Flexible & Secure

With an NFC tag positioned on each poster, the URL can be tailored to suit individual campaigns or information displays. Posters are easily changed on-site without the need for special tools and a unique locking device provides security if required.

Once the tag has been programmed with the campaign URL, this information is secure and tamperproof from unauthorised use. Enlighten posters will only illuminate with the use of authorised tags, giving the campaign manager security and peace of mind that the correct message is displayed.

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